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The 4 easy steps to faking it!

The sun is shining (sometimes) and we are starting to show off a bit more skin, so a little fake tan could be the best thing we can give ourselves for a confidence boost.

Here's the 4 steps to ensure you look like a bathing beauty and not a patchy


1. Let's talk hair removal. If you need to remove hair, do it before the tan and allow 24 hours for shaving and 48 hours for waxing. Any less and the tan might not 'stick' and if the pores are open the tan gets inside and leaves little dots of colour.

2. Exfoliate. Skin prep is THE most important part of tanning, it's the make or break of a good finish. Exfoliate the night before paying particular attention to dry areas like knees, elbows and heels and under the arms where deodorant can build up and cause a green tinge.

3. Moisturise well after exfoliating to ensure your skin is in it's best condition for a longer lasting, even glow (don't use oil as you tan may not take) Moisturise just the dry areas and soles of the feet and palms of the hands on the day you are applying the tan

4. When you're ready to apply the colour use a tanning mitt as this will ensure an even application and prevent your hands from staining. Start on the legs, working upwards and finish with a light sweep across the hands. Leave the colour to develop and if it's not dark enough you can apply another layer.

Tip: Use your tanning mitt to lightly buff over the tan when you have applied to the skin as it will

create an even smooth application and remember, if you are going out in the sun you'll need to apply SPF as fake tan will not protect you (make sure not to use oil based sun cream as it may dissolve your tan!)

Lastly, enjoy your glow!

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