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Ear Piercing with Studex 
Ear piercing in action. hygienic, professional ear piercing at Serene Skincare

Ear Piercing - from £41, includes choice of earrings, aftercare solution and instructions. Our staff are fully qualified, insured and registered with the health authority. We start piercing from 6 years of age and anyone under the age of 16 will require a parent or Legal Guardian to be present throughout the piercing. Second piercings on the lobe are for 10 years old or above and cartilage piercing is only available to those of 14 years of age and above.

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Studex ADVANCED Piercing Aftercare. Promoting accelerated skin recovery for post piercing aftercare with the ability to change your earrings sooner, this revolutionary new aftercare product reduces the risk of redness and inflammation post piercing.

Studex After Piercing Lotion is the alternative for use straight after your new piercing and throughout the healing period. A pH balanced solution, it will act as a flushing agent as well as soothing and promoting healing.

Ear Lobe healing becomes just 3 weeks!

Ear Cartilage healing starts at just 8 weeks!

RRP £8

 Aftercarethe key steps for post piercing


What you do at home after your piercing is as important as the best practice standards adopted by your piercer.

When you get a piercing with a Studex system, you can be sure that our systems benefit from single-use, fully disposable cartridges that hold the jewellery.  The instruments do not come into contact with the skin at all and all jewellery is pre-sterilised without the piercer touching them.

As part of the piercing service, your piercer will chat to you about aftercare and advise you of the best way to look after your piercing so make sure you are listening as they explain the necessary steps to promote safe healing.  We understand that the anticipation and excitement of having a piercing can mean that you may not be fully focused on the importance of these steps, which is why your piercer will also supply you with a form reiterating the steps for you to take home and read again.

So, what are the key things that you need to remember to do at home, post piercing?

  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching the piercing site and try to avoid playing with the jewellery in between the cleaning.  Bacteria can be introduced to the piercing site if you haven’t washed your hands prior to touching.

  2. You should be cleaning the piercing area two to three times per day with the solution provided with your piercing.  Make sure you are cleaning properly around the front and back of the jewellery.  You can use a cotton wool pad or even a cotton bud to make sure that you are really cleaning effectively.  Studex After Piercing Solution is a pH neutral solution which will not cause irritation, nor dry out the skin. 

  3. Remember to rotate your jewellery with little half turns, about 180◦ left and 180◦ right with clean hands when you are cleaning.  Don’t spin them fully round as this could cause long hair to become wrapped around the post.

  4. You must follow the aftercare steps for the whole duration of the healing time:

    • 6 weeks for ear lobes  (3 weeks with advanced solution)

    • 12 weeks for cartilage piercing  (8 weeks with advanced solution)

  5. Please do not push the butterfly back on earrings along the post.  It may be tempting to move them closer to the back of the ear lobe, but this can lead to problems with swelling and embedding.  Rest assured that the butterfly back is positioned in exactly the right place at the time of piercing to allow the correct spacing for optimum healing.

  6. After following the aftercare steps for the recommended timeframes, you can carefully remove your piercing jewellery and clean the site thoroughly front and back.  You should then make sure that you put jewellery back in to prevent the hole from closing:

    •  You can choose to put your piercing earrings back in or swap them for another pair of post-style, hypoallergenic earrings such as some from the Sensitive range. 

      • You should not wear hoops or hook style earrings straight after the 6 / 12 weeks as this can affect how the piercing continues to heal.

  7. In order to maintain the safe healing, you should keep jewellery in for 6 months for lobe piercing, 12 months for cartilage.  We can all heal at a different rate and we would hate for your new piercing to close, which it can within a few days without wearing jewellery.

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