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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures


Advanced Cosmetic Procedures is the treatment of skin conditions such as red veins, Milia, Xanthelasma, Syringoma, skin tags, Sebaceous Keratosis and vascular blemishes.

Many clients have blemishes on their skin that can be safely and effectively removed and offer quick results, some times in one treatment. 

A treatment plan will be discussed at your consultation as the area treated must not be overworked, therefore intervals between treatments may be needed although some blemishes may not need a second visit.

Consultation for treatment (including aftercare and mini treatment) £45

up to 15 Minute treatment of an area £45

Please contact the salon by phone to book a consultation with Serena

Cryopen Cryosurgery Treatment


Cryotherapy or Cryosurgery is a highly effective & safe procedure that is used to freeze & destroy benign skin lesions.

It uses Liquefied Nitrous Oxide to destroy the tissue by freezing the cell fluid and destroying the lesion.Two freeze cycles are carried out during treatment & more than one treatment may be required, particularly in the treatment of deep seated warts & Verrucas

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