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Step Zero!

Precleanse Balm, Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant from dermalogica

A few extra minutes each day could give you the healthy skin you've been striving for.

To Double cleanse the Dermalogica way, like the professionals have done for over 30 years, can give you a deeper cleanse helping to correct skin issues , removing pollution, dirt, make-up and oils for that glow you've been working towards.

Using a precleanse oil or Balm ensures your skin is prepared for your chosen cleanser, it removes long wear make-up and waterproof mascara as well as surface dirt and oils ready for that targeted cleanse that follows.

It is essential when using your Precleanse Balm or Oil that you gently work it all over the skin before adding a little water to emulsify the product. You'll see it change to an opaque colour which needs a little more massaging before thoroughly rinsing off the skin with tepid water.

Next, choose a skin cleanser that works for your skin type and gently massage it over the face to ensure you get the most out of the ingredients. Your cleansing routine should not leave your skin feeling dry, tight or oily. Just clean and fresh, ready for your serum and moisturiser

Please contact us in the salon if you'd like to find out how to precleanse and which products would be best suited to your skin type.

We hope you'll enjoy the results that a little extra effort with cleansing can give you.

Happy (double) cleansing!

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