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Safety for our clients

The global Corona Virus pandemic has affected all our families, our businesses, our communities and our way of life. During this time we wanted to reach out and update you on how we're approaching the situation at Serene Skincare.

Our hearts go out to anyone who has been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. Our thoughts are especially with those who are sick, to whom we extend our heartfelt wishes for a full recovery. We are truely inspired by the health care workers and essential workers who have worked tirelessly.

The Serene Team are focussed on the health and safety of employees, families and our community.

We remain focused on salon hygiene procedures and looking after your needs. Our commitment to health and cleanliness as standard keeps us stronger than ever. We built the salon on strong core values of client care, customer service, cleanliness and health and safety guidelines and these values continue to guide us.

We have made a few changes to our procedures from booking, right through your treatment journey with us and we will continue to update our policies as we receive more information from our government.


Wishing you good health and we hope to see you soon,

Serena, Fiona, and Stacy


Serene Skincare

Risk Assessment Covid-19

With new cleaning and disinfecting legislations, we have altered some of our procedures to

meet all requirements.

Hazards Identified:

Slips and Trips - Trip over objects or trailing wires, or slip on spillage/wet floor and trying to

reach items.

Who might be harmed: Employees/Clients/Visitors/Contractors

Measures to control risks:

  • Good housekeeping ensuring the salon is kept tidy and clean

  • Regular visual inspections of the floors to see that they are free from products, Nail

  • Clippings and remain in a good condition, etc.

  • Cleaning up of spillages, chemicals or water immediately with paper towels.

  • Floor cleaned daily

  • Walkways and workstations kept clear

  • Rubbish removed (boxes, packaging, etc) from walkways to waste area

  • Products stored correctly in designated areas

  • Cables and leads stored securely

  • Adequate sockets provided to reduce trailing cables

  • Electrical equipment unplugged when not in use

  • Adequate lighting

  • Employees wear appropriate footwear

  • Mat provided at entrance, maintained in good condition, cleaned regularly and checked to ensure it remains flat to floor

  • Defects reported and replaced

  • Manager's to complete monthly salon inspections

  • Employees informed, instructed and trained in safe working practices


Hazards Identified:

Beauty Products and chemicals - products used in the salon contain harmful substances

which can lead to skin problems. Products used for cleaning can also be hazardous.

Who might be harmed: Employees, Clients, Visitors, Contractors

Measures to control risks

  • Inventory of hazardous products used in the salon

  • COSHH assessments completed

  • Employees informed, trained and instructed on the safe working method of all products

  • Safe storage of products

  • Containers labelled with contents

  • Salon and stock room well ventilated

  • Solutions prepared in accordance with manufacturer's instructions

  • Professional products sanitised after use and stored safely

  • Solutions only applied for the recommended time by manufacturer

  • Appropriate PPE provided and worn as regulated and training carried out for donning and doffing PPE

  • Containers for Clean/dirty items and tools marked

  • Employees check with clients for discomfort

  • Washing facilities and first aid kits provided

  • Skin patch tests carried out and logged

  • Clients to be checked for allergies and/or damage to skin

  • Good hygiene rules, involving hand washing, paper towels, individual use disposables, washing towels and gowns after each client at 60degrees

Hazard Identified:

Dermatitis - washing and sanitising hands, tinting, cleaning, exfoliating

Who might be harmed: Employees

Measure to control risk

  • PPE provided - employees instructed to wear gloves for cleaning and chemical tasks

  • Employees to regularly check their skin for signs of Dermatitis or allergies and report to Manager

Hazard Identified:

Manual Handling - Lifting and moving stock leading to back injuries, strains, fractures, etc.

Who might be harmed: Employees

Measures to control risks

  • Manual handling technique instruction provided at induction and in salon handbook

  • Large boxes of deliveries to be split in to smaller, lighter boxes. Decant items in a safe area away from people, walk ways and escape routes

  • Each product disinfected using appropriate cleaning materials

  • Look for the weight of the box contents

  • Storage area arranged for easy access to stock

  • Heavy items to be stored at the bottom, light items at the top. No overloading of shelves

  • Stock stored clear of lights (approx. 50cm)

  • Good housekeeping to be monitored by manager


Hazard Identified:

Furniture - Chairs, reception desk, reception sofa, chairs, product shelves, work tops, sink, doors, stools, nail station, Pedicure trolley, Beauty couch, cupboards, wax trolley, Kitchen worktops, microwave, toaster, washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge, toilet, basin, floor

Who might be harmed: Employees, clients, visitors

Measures to control risks:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched by employees, clients and visitors.

  • Areas of high use such as chairs, door handles, light switches, reception area are disinfected after every client

  • Single use disposables used where appropriate and whilst disinfecting

  • Good housekeeping

  • No stock or materials to be switched between rooms

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